Riding Natural Trails

Is this course for you?

  • You are over eighteen
  • You want to take on new trails and start exploring off-piste locations
  • Struggle when it gets steep and you'd like to ride with more control
  • You're fairly new to riding natural trails & want to break those bad habits early
  • Want to have more grip on loose, slippery, muddy and rooty trails
  • Know your bike is capable of more but you can't push the limits before losing control
  • You're starting to look beyond the trail centre and want to ride more technical natural trails
  • You want to use the uplift service to minimise your time pedalling and maximise your time learning new skills (two included)

Course Details

  • Price: £140.00
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Capacity: 4
  • Rider experience: Well experienced
  • Type of trails: Red, Black, and natural off piste trails
  • Classroom session included: no
  • Hiring bike inculded: no
  • Food included: no
  • Download full course details here:

What you'll learn

  • How to find grip on natural terrain
  • How to use line choice to its full potential
  • How to control your speed and brake in the right places
  • Maximise your body movement to keep balance where you never thought possible
  • Learn how to ride natural trails with confidence and control
  • How to keep a level head so you can enjoy your ride even in challenging situations
  • Sunday 29th March 2020
  • Glentress, Scotland
  • 4 place(s) available
  • Saturday 9th May 2020
  • Glentress, Scotland
  • 4 place(s) available
  • Saturday 20th June 2020
  • Glentress, Scotland
  • 4 place(s) available