Trail Craft

Is this course for you?

  • You are over eighteen
  • You want to future proof your riding by making sure you have a perfect grasp on the fundamental building blocks of mountain bike skills
  • Feel like you've hit a plateau and want to step up your riding again
  • Re-visit the basics so you can move onto harder, more technical trails
  • Lose time to more experienced riders and you'd like to keep up without taking more risks
  • Want some expert advice on your technique and gain a little confidence while you're at it
  • You're an experienced bike rider but would like to make sure you know all of the basic, up to date skills to make the most of modern bikes and new trails

Course Details

  • Price: £110.00
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Capacity: 6
  • Rider experience: Regular mountain bikers
  • Type of trails: Blue and Red trails
  • Classroom session included: no
  • Hiring bike inculded: no
  • Food included: no
  • Download full course details here:

What you'll learn

  • We'll go over all of the core, simple skills that even the professionals rely on everyday
  • How to stand properly on the bike allowing you to increase your speed without losing balance or control
  • How to lift your front wheel off the ground and use your legs to find grip, balance and speed
  • How to ride drop-offs safely and in balance
  • How to move your body on the bike to deal with sharp bumps and simple trail features
  • Typical corners you'll find on a Red Route including tight switchbacks, berms and flat corners
  • How to get up and over rocky step ups on climbs
  • The basics of trackstanding and low speed balance
  • Saturday 16th July 2022
  • Glentress, Scotland
  • Fully booked
  • Sunday 14th August 2022
  • Glentress, Scotland
  • 4 place(s) available
  • Saturday 17th September 2022
  • Glentress, Scotland
  • 5 place(s) available
  • Sunday 16th October 2022
  • Glentress, Scotland
  • 5 place(s) available