• Dirt School Mountain Bike Skills
  • Watch, Read, Compare, Learn. Our free iOS app is designed to let you become your own coach. By watching our video examples, reading coaching points and detailed instructions, you can then film your own riding and compare yourself. The most complete and convenient mountain bike coaching resource in the world!
  • Online Video Coaching
  • Mountain bike coaching from anywhere in the world. Simply upload a video of your own riding and your coach will be in touch to give you your personal feedback. No matter where you are in the world we can help you ride smoother, faster, with more control and confidence.

Is Online Video Coaching for you?

  • You would like mountain bike coaching but can't travel to see us in person
  • You are struggling on your local trails and don't know why
  • You need coaching support but don't know who can help you locally
  • You want quick, effective and proven coaching advice
  • You have watched YouTube tutorials and it isn't helping you improve

What to do

  • Register for your free Dirt School User Profile
  • Film yourself riding a specific trail feature or performing a specific technique you need help with
  • Purchase your coaching package below
  • Upload your clip to your Online Video Coaching page and you will be notified when your coach has viewed your footage and replied

What You'll Receive

  • Appropriate coaching advice personally written for you
  • A breakdown of your technique and how it can be improved
  • Advice on common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Appropriate video examples on what to do
  • The opportunity to ask extra questions and privately message your coach
One Hit Wonder, £35.00
Description: Are you struggling with a specific trail feature and need some help? Maybe there is a particular riding technique that you have always wanted to master? Our One Hit Wonder package offers quick feedback so that you can master the trail.
Video Uploads: 1
Package Duration: 30 Days
Price: £35.00

Three Strikes, £90.00
Description: With our Three Strikes package you are able to upload three of your riding videos. You can seek repeated feedback as you progress your learning of a specific skill or maybe you want to learn three completely different techniques.
Video Uploads: 3
Package Duration: 180 Days
Price: £90.00

Annual Subscription, £400.00
Description: A full year of online video coaching - transform the way you ride
Video Uploads: 15
Package Duration: 365 Days
Price: £400.00