12 Week Training Plans

Our Plans

Our Philosphy is simple: Train Smart, Achieve More. All of our 12 week Training Plans include 3 sessions per week to add structure to your mountain biking. You can even download our Mountain Bike Skills app from iTunes and Google Play to improve your skills as well as your fitness.

Looking for more than 3 sessions tailored to your lifestyle? Work one to one with your own coach with our Privateer Programme


All of our Training Plans are available to download on our TrainingPeaks store.

Our plans have been written for a regular people with real lives. We can help you get you 'Adventure Ready', from 'Sofa to Singletrack', and ready to succeed at your next Enduro. Each session has a goal for fitness and a technique, ensuring you improve your fitness and your skills. Still not sure? Try our 28 Day Sample Plan and see results now.

Why we use TrainingPeaks: Through using TrainingPeaks software the user can simply download their chosen training plan into their calendar. Once you have your training programme you can follow each session easily sent to you daily via email then upload your activities to your calendar. It is the ultimate training tool!

What's Included

  • Free TrainingPeaks Basic Account
  • Daily information on your training session emailed to you
  • Session description including 'Where to practice', 'What to do' and 'How it feels'
  • Mountain Bike Plans include a Technical focus for every training session using the Dirt School Mountain Bike Skills App
  • Information on learning to train
  • Essential nutritional advice
  • How to measure training intensity
  • How to record your training
  • How to spot the signs of over training or illness