• Testimonials

Nothing makes our jobs feel better than when we get one of these messages after a session, and this is only a select few!

  • "This works! Signing up to the Dirt School Privateer Plan and coaching has helped me to reach my 2016 goals with big improvements to my riding and fitness. The focus is on quality with MTB in the centre and leaving a smile on your face." Jeppe

  • "Can't recommend Dirt School highly enough. Tom had me going down runs that I wouldn't have even tacked before fast and with confidence. Can't get the smile off my face. Thanks guys. Looking forward to the Dirt School club rides next year" Juan

  • "Had a fantastic day at the Dirt school elementary trail school with my 14 year old son. Tom was a great instructor and we both learnt a lot, gaining in confidence as the day went on. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dirt School to others." Sasha

  • "Can't recommend dirt school enough!!! Andy is an amazing coach, learnt so much this weekend ,along with the hervelo girls...now to put it all to practice!! Thanks again and hope to get more lessons in the future. Still grinning from my wee achievements I made!!" Claire, Hervelo Club

  • "Backontrackmtb - read our full review! Andy was awesome!! Learnt so much about control and a neutral body position - Totally stoked!! So much fun!! Thank you!!" Karen

  • "A few too many years of bad habits diagnosed and a prescription for a cure provided. Delivered in an efficient, non tech way with focus on getting your riding improve for the passion of MTB and pumping the trail. Couldn't recommend it enough." Jeppe

  • "Superb coaching by Andy knows so much about the technique of modern riding!!! Very patient and knowledgable! These guys are the real deal!!! Chris Ball and Andy Barlow??? Mountain Biking royalty!!" Dave

  • "A greeting from Norway...... We all would like to thank Dirt School for the opportunity to come Scotland and practice. We did not think it was possible to learn so much in so few days. Therefore, all creds to Ruaridh for being such a good coach. Looking forward to next time!" Team Norway - Junior Downhill Squad

  • "Thanks to you and Rab for the past two afternoons - Neil has really enjoyed them and learned a lot. It has given him a real boost - he can't wait to come back for more!" Neil, Little Ripper

  • "Thanks to you and your colleague for running the kids sessions at Glentress. Josh certainly loved them and grew in confidence a lot! He can't wait to come back!" Josh - Little Ripper

  • "Thanks for the lesson with Ruaridh at the 7stanes trails in Innerliethen, great tips and very impressed with his attitude and coaching skills. Thanks again" Ryan, Downhill one-to-one at Innerleithen

  • "I am now back in England but just wanted to say thanks for a great couple of days mountain bike coaching. It has certainly made me think on a higher level which is exactly what I needed." Rob, Trail School

  • "Jump School on Saturday at Glentress was spot on - I spent all of Sunday morning on the jumps at the freeride park and it was bloody great. Shining times ahead." Alex, Freeride School

  • "Just called to say what a great time we had with Rab on the Women's Elementary School. Learnt so much and great atmosphere too" Lisa, one happy young lady

  • "Cheers for Saturday's mountain bike coaching at Lee Quarry learnt heaps and had a good day" Richard, Lee Quarry/ Visit Lancashire coaching day

  • "Forget spending all your hard-earned cash on something new and shiny for the bike this year - if you really want to upgrade, invest in a lesson at Dirt School." Catriona, Dirt School regular

  • "If you want to go faster.. then personally I reckon you'd be better off spending it with these guys rather than on some shiny bit for your bike" Dirt Magazine

  • "I'm now back in the peaks blasting around with a lot more confidence and the techniques......this has for sure put the emphasis of fun back in to my riding." Steve - Glentress Trail School

  • "Just a quick mail to say thanks on behalf of everyone that went out with Dirt School on Friday. Everyone really enjoyed the day and saw instant improvements over all the areas covered." Andrew - Glentress Private group

  • "Quick note Andy to say thanks very much for the course, very good and a good laugh which is probably just as important." David - Private Freeride day

  • "The Dirt School Freeride course was a brilliant experience. Everyone was friendly and full of encouragement. The course was relaxed and adjusted to every riders' ability and the atmosphere was great; no pressure on you to do anything too radical or anything you'd just rather not do... at the end of the day a better rider. The dude's a legend, and I would definitely go again." Erin - 2010 Air Maiden Winner and recent Dirt Schoo Graduate

  • "Katie and I end the session feeling pretty good about the future. I'm pleased we don't feel the frustration of having spent money and gotten very little in return. I see Dirt School's fee as an investment. We now have the magic beans with which, if we choose to put the effort in, will make it possible to grow our MTB skills to a more than an impressive level." MoreDirt.com visits Dirt School and likes what they get!

  • ”Big fan of the DVD, really liked the way you coach….Overall the best mountain bike coaching film I have seen”
    Ben, DVD owner – he’s watched it seven times already…

  • ”It is great to see technique explained on trails I know very well, rather than some exotic location, seeing the trails ridden expertly on film has given me a lot to look out for the next time I visit Glentress”
    Iain Hanlon, Dirt School Freeride graduate and proud film owner too, Glasgow

  • ”tis a really great DVD, like having Dirtschool in your living room ha ha! Seriously, have been recommending it to friends and your personal teaching style comes across really well so it’s a winner for sure”*
    Ruth Thomas, Dirt School Graduate and now happy owner of a DVD, Wiltshire

  • ”Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?... Your session on Sunday inspired me to conquer new challenges at my own pace”
    David, Glentress – Private XC session

  • ”very watchable and packed with useful stuff. One thing’s for sure, the £18 this’ll cost you will definitely make you much, much faster than spending it on a new tyre”
    Bike Magic Film Review. They even gave us 5 stars and a gold badge. Awesome.

  • ”Covers all you’ll ever need to know about mountain Biking”
    Jamie, Staff writer, MBR Magazine, shortly before making it the DVD of the month

  • ”Thank you very much for the session today if feel that I gained a lot from it”
    Allan, Downhiller of the future, Edinburgh

  • ”I learnt more in those 3 hours than the whole of last year!”
    Kenta Gallagher and future Olympian, Youth XC racer, Inverness – Innerleithen Private school session

  • ”Cheers for the weekend. We all came away with some new found skills and look forward to putting them to practice”
    Dene – XC Day at Glentress

  • ”They are all riding with a lot more confidence and self belief its hard to believe one session can make so much difference”
    Gala CC, Junior, youth DH racers, Galashiels – Innerleithen team session

  • ”thank you very much for an excellent day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel that my riding has already improved”
    Mark, future Mega Avalanche racer, Manchester – Glentress, full day one-to-one

  • ”If we manage to take forward even half of what we learned from you then we will both definitely be riding better and faster in the future”
    Ruth, Wilts: Private XC/ freeride session, Glentress

  • ”thanks so so so much for the schooling, it really helped a lot”
    Gavin, Perth City Cycles Junior – Dunkeld DH team session

  • ”Sunday was great… I wrote down all the stuff you told me so I wouldn’t forget it and manged to fill 3 A4 pages with all your tips!”
    Tony, Expert downhiller, Perth – Innerleithen Private School session