Finding Flow

Finding flow mountain bike tuition by Dirt School
Finding Flow
Finding flow mountain bike tuition by Dirt School

Finding Flow

Bridge the gap between the trail centre and enduro riding
Regular price£160.00
VAT included.

Link smooth sections of trail together and float through rough sections with Finding Flow. Introducing dynamic movement through turns to increase grip and building an understanding of how berms and jumps use the same technique, Finding Flow takes you to the flowing trails of Innerleithen. Learn how to identify ‘Grip Points’ on the trail, and how to use them to pump through sections instead of pedaling.

  • Price: £160.00
  • Age: 18+
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Capacity: 4 riders
  • Rider experience: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Type of trails: Red, Black and Natural trails
  • How to identify and exploit Grip Points on the trail, allowing you to carry more speed with more control
  • Discover how dynamic movement in corners can allow you to find more grip and speed, letting you flow through trails
  • Understand how a berm and a jump use the same technique
  • How to remain stable and neutralise rough terrain and undulations on the trail

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Course Feedback

“I had a brilliant day's training with Gregor, learning about bike position, berms and how to take the best lines. The highest compliment I can pay Dirt School is that on my next outing my son said, "You've got a lot better." Thanks!”


An absolutely fantastic morning of coaching with Dirt School on the Finding Flow course. Having had a couple of other private sessions of coaching, the coaching from Dirt School is really something else. It's a shame they are so far away otherwise I'd certainly be going back for more private sessions. Highly recommended!

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