Women's Finding Flow


Women's Finding Flow

For riders looking to take their skills beyond the trail centre
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Link smooth sections of trail together and float through rough sections with our Women’s Finding Flow course. Introducing dynamic movement through turns to increase grip and building an understanding of how berms and jumps use the same technique, Finding Flow takes you to the flowy natural trails of Innerleithen, to build your confidence on that kind of terrain.. Learn how to identify ‘Grip Points’ and ‘Braking Zones’ on the trail, and how to use them to maintain control when the ground is less predictable.

  • Price: £160.00
  • Age: 18+
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Capacity: 4 riders
  • Rider experience: Intermediate/Advanced - you're confident in the trail centre and are looking to explore further afield. You might have started riding some hand built enduro trails.
  • Type of trails: Innerleithen's red and introductory enduro style trails, such as Angry Sheep and Green Wing
  • How to identify and use Braking Zones and Grip Points on the trail, allowing you to ride with more control
  • Discover how dynamic movement in corners can allow you to find more grip, letting you flow through trails effortlessly
  • Understand how a berm and a jump use the same technique
  • How to remain stable and neutralise rough terrain and undulations on the trail

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