Technical Trail Leader - Training

Technical Trail Leader training by Dirt School
TTL Training
TTL Training

TTL Training

Level 2 Leadership & Coaching Award
Regular price£275.00
VAT included.
Our TTL Training course is run over the 2 consecutive days of a weekend, and will cover everything needed to allow you to feel more confident at leading groups, delivering basic skills, being prepared, responsible and professional, and navigate confidently in familiar territory. We’ll lift the curtain on how we lead groups and run skills sessions to give you a better understanding on how to do this yourself. On completion, you will be given an Action Plan with recommendations on what to work on so that you can return prepared and confident for your assessment.

Level 2 Leadership & Coaching Award

  • Price: £275.00
  • Age: 18+
  • Duration: Two consecutive full days
  • Capacity: 6 riders
  • Rider experience: Able to ride red trails comfortably as a minimum
  • Type of trails: Red graded trails and natural hillside terrain, plus specific coaching locations.

Download further course information here.

  • Know how to lead groups of up to 6 people
  • How to clearly communicate basic skills 
  • How to navigate in familiar territory
  • Fully understand and complete a daily risk assessment
  • What to take in your leaders bag
  • How to fix common trailside repairs
  • How to deal with emergencies on the hill

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Ready for your Assessment?

Our Technical Trail Leader assessment is one day in length, based in and around the Tweed Valley, testing your group leadership skills, ability to deliver coaching sessions, navigation, trailside repairs, dealing with emergencies and more.