Advanced Enduro

Advanced Enduro
Advanced Enduro
Advanced Enduro

Advanced Enduro

Improve your riding on the most challenging enduro trails
Regular price£160.00
VAT included.

Building on our Steep & Technical course, Advanced Enduro takes the knowledge gained there and takes it to the most technical and challenging trails in the Tweed Valley. If you’ve been through our Steep & Technical course and are looking to deepen your knowledge of technical enduro riding, or want to improve your race results then this is the place for you. Learn how to stay in control and remain calm when your bike is on the limit of grip and increase your confidence on some of the hardest trails in the UK with Advanced Enduro.

  • Price: £160.00
  • Age: 18+
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Capacity: 4 riders
  • Rider experience: Expert - you regularly ride steep and challenging enduro trails
  • Type of trails: The Golfie's enduro hand built trails, such as Repeat Offender, Community Service, Hangover, Liver Damage, varying depending on current conditions.
  • Using line choice to its full potential to unlock flow and speed on the most technical trails
  • Identify Grip Points quickly and efficiently, maximising their use to gain balance and control
  • Advanced braking techniques giving you more confidence to increase your speed
  • Remain composed and focused in difficult terrain

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