BASE Academy

BASE Academy mountain bike tuition by Dirt School
BASE Academy
BASE Academy

BASE Academy

  • Ages 13 - 17 years
  • Innerleithen and Golfie Trails
  • For expert / elite level riders, by application process only.
  • 4 x consecutive mornings of coaching

BASE Academy, inspired by our BASE College course and run from the most challenging trails in Innerleithen, is delivered over four days and is both physically and technically a step above anything else that we offer. BASE Academy is designed to prepare expert to elite level youngsters for our performance mountain biking course run in partnership with Borders College. It’s aimed at those who’d like to develop their race results at national or international level, provide an insight into being at college with Dirt School, or simply progress their technical riding to an elite level.

At this level, our experienced coaches borrow a lot of the same techniques, sessions and locations from our BASE College course, making BASE Academy the only kids course at this level currently available in the UK. 

We’d expect riders to have already been through our Advanced Academy a few times and have been advised they’re able to progress by their Advanced Academy coaches before joining this course. Equally, we accept riders from across the country who haven’t yet been invited to join the course through submission of video evidence - please contact us before booking this course if our coaching team haven’t already offered your young rider a place.

  • Price: £195.00
  • Age: 13 - 17 years
  • Duration: 4 consecutive half days, 3 hour sessions from 9.30am-12.30pm
  • Capacity: 12 riders with 2 coaches
  • Rider experience: Elite young riders, through application only
  • Type of trails: As hard as it gets.

Please contact us before booking as submission of video evidence will be required ahead of this course to check suitability, unless your young rider has already been invited to join BASE Academy by one of our coaching team.

  • What goes on at our BASE College Technical Session
  • How to stay balanced and in control over some of the most challenging trails in the Tweed Valley
  • Use dynamic movement over difficult terrain to maintain flow and speed
  • How to turn with your hips, keeping your upper body neutral and balanced
  • Understand the concept of ‘perceived exertion’ and how this related to racing
  • How to make your riding ‘scalable’

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Find Out About BASE College...

Our BASE College course is one of a kind, aimed a top level performers looking to pursue a career as a professional athlete, or simply elite level riders wanting to find employment in the cycling industry. Join us for up to three years in partnership with Borders College to gain an academic qualification, alongside improving your performance on the bike.