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MBC Training

MBC Training

Level 3 Leadership & Coaching Award
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VAT included.
Our MBC Training course is run over 3 consecutive days and is aimed at existing and experienced leaders who are looking to develop their skills as a communicator, leader and coach. It covers navigating in unfamiliar terrain, dealing with more complicated leadership scenarios, in-depth skills coaching including layering techniques, and working with additional members of staff. It also includes 5 written modules which you are expected to complete in your own time out with the training course. We spend a whole day on leadership scenarios, and a whole day looking at coaching and layering techniques to allow for progression. On completion, you will be given an Action Plan with recommendations on what to work on so that you can return prepared and confident for your assessment. 

Level 3 Leadership & Coaching Award

  • Price: £395.00
  • Age: 18+
  • Duration: Three consecutive full days
  • Capacity: 6 riders
  • Rider experience: Able to ride technical enduro trails comfortably
  • Type of trails: Black graded / enduro style trails, natural hillside terrain, plus specific coaching locations.
  • Know how to lead groups of up to 6 people in technical and remote terrain
  • Layer skills to allow for progression through an advanced coaching session 
  • How to navigate in unfamiliar territory
  • Assess risk and plan for contingencies
  • How to work with additional members of staff and manage larger groups
  • How to deal with emergencies on the hill

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